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We try to cater to everyones taste in firearms. We of course cannot please everyone all the time, but

if we don't have it in the store we can certainly track it down for you at the best price!

Types of Weapons Available:

Short Brand & Specialty Items List:

The Lahti L-39 was originally produced in Finland during 1939. Less than 1900 of these weapons were

ever built during the war with Russia. In the store we have a 10 shot semi-automatic model (8ft long,

108 lbs, w/skids 148lbs). The intended purpose of such a machine was to be used as a tank killer and

long range sniper rifle. The 39/44 model can be fired fully automatic, but the heavy fire vibrations cause

the gun to break down. Hence our semi-auto setup.

In our opintion, the two best 20mm ever built were the Lahti L-39 or the Soluthorn. After searching for

many years, we finally tracked down a Berrett 50 BMG semi-auto fully outfitted with ATAX cammo.

You can drop by to see any of these and much more at our store.

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