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About Us

Tasmanian Gun Company was first established in a water heater closet back in 1990. It quickly

outgrew its original staging area and moved into 4007 34th St.

The next year Tim Scarborough attended the Shot Show in Las Vegas, where word had quickly

spread about this startup and the incredible business found in this small corner of the world.

It was a short lived company that was closed down in 1993, when Tim decided to join his mother,

Frances Scarborough as a baker and cake decorator for Mrs. Camps Bakery at 4005 34th St.

The building next door which once was the Tasmanian Gun Co was redisigned in 2003 as Tara's

Tea Trader. Tim's daughter, Tara, owned and operated a restaurant/ full service coffee and tea

bar for 3 years until she moved for school and closed its doors in 2006. At this stage, Tim

opened the wall to make the restaurant into a gift store for the Mrs. Camp's.

Tim Scarborough owned Mrs. Camp's Bakery until December of 2011 when a natural gas

explosion destroyed it and left little than an empty building.

Still having his Class 1 and Class 3 dealer lisences, he then decided to revive the gun store. As

of August 2012, the cases of the bakery are now filled with a large variety of firearms and

ammunition, and the gift store is being transformed into an area specifically for gear and gun


The inventory that currently stocks Tasmanian Gun Co, LC is completely from his personal

collection. Many items are custom, hard/impossible to find, no longer produced, or exotic in

nature. We specialize in unique items and enjoy a challenging find!

We welcome you to stop by, ask questions, and enjoy a comfortable atmosphere while you

explore the endless possibilities at Tasmanian Gun Co.